Friday, January 1, 2010

One Year Old

My little Peanut, a surprise of a lifetime. You are really something else. When you were born I was so worried that you would never be the center of attention like your big sister. She shines so brightly and can work a room of adults like a pro. Today you proved that you know a thing or two about being the star too.

Tuesday you took off walking for the first time. That came in super handy today as you grabbed onto one of the shiny star shaped balloons we bought for your party and walked around the house with it. All Day. You didn't let go of your balloon for anything. It is pretty hard to resist an adorable little guy toddling gleefully around with a balloon. You were layin' the cute on us pretty dang thick.

You have also learned to give high fives and you are working on saying lots of words. You have had "NO!" down for a week or so but tonight during your party you also sang along "E I E I O" clear as day and said "Go Go Go!"

You are a big time climber and love to get up in chairs or scale a flight of steps. You scare me to death on an hourly basis. In the last week or two you've decided you don't like your high chair so every meal time is a struggle. I must say you did great tonight at your party. Then again, I'd sit still for spaghetti and cake too!

I am so proud of you my little man. I know we are going to have so much fun together as you get older and learn more and more things. Mama loves her little son. Happy Birthday Drew.

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