Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas lessons

We had a hectic but fun Christmas that spanned three days of present opening and family visiting. There are several things I have taken away this year on Christmas with children under 3.

1.) Don't bother buying tons of presents. The kids will get hooked on one or two things and ignore all the other ones. Seriously, there are dozens of new toys my daughter hasn't even picked up or looked at. I'm packing them all up and getting them out one at a time over the next few months.

2.) Wear something presentable to bed Christmas Eve or be ready to throw on something "decent", including the requisite undergarments, first thing when the kids wake up. Otherwise you will forever be captured in pictures and videos looking a tad trashy. I learned this the hard way as I found myself on the wrong side of the video camera first thing and went to change.

3.) Don't put candy in the stockings. I know it is tempting, but just don't. This is a recipe for tantrums and who wants to spend a month working hard so your wee ones' eyes will light up on Christmas morning only to have them let you know in no uncertain terms you have ruined their life because they cannot eat a giant chocolate penguin for breakfast.

4.) Freeing toys from the packaging that they come in these days is a royal pain the ass. Be prepared with a box cutter and some heavy duty scissors (at the least.) Bolt cutters would not be overdoing it.

5.) is so named because the entire rain forest had to be chopped down in order to send out one order. Everything will come in a separate box, your UPS man will run over your driveway lights on purpose to get even and you will be left with a mountain of cardboard blocking the entrace into your garage.

Can't wait to do it all again next year!

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