Sunday, February 21, 2010

New happenings

I forget for long periods of time why I bother to write a blog to begin with. To avoid having to update the baby books. They sit on a shelf mocking me every time I walk by them. Well EFF you baby books, I've got a record of everything and can go back and fill you in when my kids are older and won't have anything to do with me. I'll just switch pens around so it won't be so obvious.

New notables from the Peanut:

If you ask him where the moon is he will look into the sky until he finds it and then point and say "mooooon"

He loves to pick up various phones around the house and walk around with them against his ear saying "HELLO! HELLO!" very loudly.

One of his new favorite games is making faces at himself in the mirror. Especially fun is when someone else plays with him and copies the faces he is making.

He is totally obsessed with his blankies.

New from the Weebles:

Really getting into getting clothes out of her drawers and trying to put them on. Does a fairly good job but gets her pants on backwards about half the time.

Major language spurt in the last three months or so. She can form all kinds of long sentences and thoughts now.

Problem solving has also really taken off. She can figure out all sorts of solutions to problems... including how to get her way more often.

Can identify most colors, some shapes, count to eleven, and can sing a bunch of songs.

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