Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Groundhog Day

So you've seen the movie, right? Everyone has seen that movie. I've probably seen it a dozen times and to be honest I really wasn't all that impressed the first several viewings but it is one of those movies that is always on one of the cable channels and it is easy to zone out to. The more I have thought about it the more I like the premise of the movie. You get to do over the same day over and over again until you finally manage to get it just how you want it. Not having to think in hind sight about how you wish you'd said this or that, or how you wish you'd gone back to check on that stranded motorist or how you wish you'd spent more time playing Legos when your toddler asked and less time scanning the headlines on TMZ.

As a stay at home parent my days can be super monotonous. This is most pronounced in the newborn days when day and night all just run together in a 3 hour cycle of feed the baby, stare at the baby, try to play with the baby, repeat. But the days still seem to run one right into the other with two toddlers So, it is the perfect opportunity to stage a Groundhog Day of my own. From being more cheerful first thing in the morning (even when the kids aren't) to dedicating more of my day to slowing down and making Play Doh animals or building block towers I want to make sure each day is the best we can do as a family. Now I'm off to have a word with that silly groundhog... six more weeks of winter?

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