Monday, October 19, 2009

Shopping Fail

I've been having a little problem with shopping. Ha, well yes, there is THAT other problem with shopping but that really isn't a problem at all. I love shopping.. it might be considered a little problem of having no money. Anyway back to my shopping dilemma. The kids need clothes. And there are none to be found.

I remember when Weebles was born. It was around this time of year even when I really started getting into buying her clothes. The overalls.. holy cuteness. There were adorable overalls, sweaters, jackets, mittens.. the list goes on. I have boxes and boxes of hardly worn baby clothes in my attic to prove it.

The weather is getting chilly and it is time to update the kiddos wardrobes. So I've been engaging in some pretty serious online shopping only to come up empty handed for the most part. I have found ONE pair of overalls in my vast shopping endeavors for my son. That was found at an Osh Kosh outlet in Hilton Head and is really pretty cute. But where are all the others? The only other pair I found had horrible little tractors or something embroidered ALL OVER them. One on the bib? Yes please. Maybe another on the lower leg.. sure okay. But this trend of embroidering little bitty logos all over the garment is ugly. And don't even get me started on overalls for my daughter. I haven't seen a single pair. Anywhere. I've looked high and low. I could see the argument that in her size you have to take into account potty training and they might not be very popular... but I haven't seen any in the girl's section in any sizes at all.

Kids pants just aren't terribly comfortable (at least for my kids.) On both my children in order to get the right length so they won't be stepping on them, the waist is almost always too tight. So it's either overalls or sweatpants if I want them to be comfy. So where are all the damn overalls??

This brings me to another peeve. Who the hell is designing this stuff. Holy hell on a cracker the clothes in the stores this weekend were some of the ugliest shit I have ever seen. I don't think I'll ever go in another Children's Place again. It was nearly all bright ass clashing colors together. I especially enjoy the shirts that say things like (and I'm not making this one up) "I'm just here for the DRAMA!" Uhh on a two year old? I also particularly enjoyed the onesie that said "Mom says I'm a great catch!" And the leggings. My God the leggings everywhere. I'm going to be up front and say that I can't imagine any place where leggings are a good thing. I grew up in the 80's... I've seen them in their glory days and it wasn't cute then, it isn't cute now. But the really mind boggling part to me is... how do they look over a diaper? I've put tights on my daughter before and it is totally lumpy. I can only imagine the hot mess leggings over a diaper is.

The real kicker this weekend though was in trying to locate coats and knit caps for the kids because we were going to be outside and it was cold. I had some sweatshirt zip up hoods for them but that just wasn't cutting it with temps in the 40's. I could not find any jacket at all in my son's size that wasn't just a lightweight hood like I already have. The only jackets I found for my daughter was a Dora the Explorer one in JC Pennys (oh yes, I went there out of total desperation) and one at Children's Place that was sixty dollars and a horrible pink/grey striped design. As for the caps? I couldn't find any. I finally went in Belk thinking surely a department store of all places would have the basics to be told by the sales clerk "We don't sell things like that here. You should try those other stores... you know the ones I'm talking about..." Clearly I don't lady because this is the fourth store I've been in. She whispered that I should try K-Mart. Apparently trendy folks don't like to be warm.

I know styles come and go but with kids' clothing it isn't like they can just pull out stuff from last year to wear if I they don't like this year's fashion. You'll know my kids at the playground.. they'll be the ones in sweatpants.


  1. I live and work by an Oshkosh Bgosh outlet; if you let me know what you are looking for in overalls I can check for you!

  2. Oh my gosh, that is so sweet! I am in Hilton Head this week and I'm pretty sure they have an outlet there. I will try to get by there and see what I can find. :) Thank you so much!