Monday, October 5, 2009

Not Me! Monday

This past week I so did not get myself a Happy Meal at McDonald's after doing the weekly shopping and then lie to my preschooler when I got home. The girl SMELLED the fries on my breath and said all excitedly... FRIES?!?! I most certainly did not tell her, "no honey, no fries here, LOOK I brought you some more dishwashing detergent..."

It was absolutely not me that got so excited about the promotion where they include samples in certain boxes that I divided my order into three shipments in hopes of getting one. Nope, I would never compromise the environment in such a fashion. Speaking of which, probably need to order some Purell.

It could not possibly have been me that allowed my nine month old to get hold of a sippy cup containing Kool Aid this weekend. We have been pulling out all the stops to get our sick daughter to drink something, a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g. puhlease, and Kool Aid was just one of the many attempted bribes. But I never would have been so careless as to leave the cup where my cruising son might find it, surely.

I also certainly did not get up and go to work this morning even though I felt absolutely horrible from a head cold just because going to work is actually easier than taking care of two small, also sick, children. I also did not consider the fact I could stop and get McDonald's for breakfast as a compelling reason to go in.

I DID however participate in Mckmama's "Not Me! Monday" So much fun! Thanks :)

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  1. really the part about the happy meal.