Saturday, October 10, 2009

Here is a little PSA for all my good friends on the interwebs

** They aren't going to make you pay to use Facebook. Joining a group attempting to threaten Facebook into this already obvious policy is silly.

** I am not going to join your Farming community/mafia family/virtual peanuckle group. It doesn't mean I don't love you, I just don't get a thrill from that kind of activity.

** No matter how totally worth the cause, pennies are never donated from the forwarding of an email. Period.

** Nobody cares "What Beyonce song" you are. I understand the joy one gets from wasting time taking such quizzes online, but is it a requirement that you publish the results? I enjoy reading your genuine status updates, however when you take thirty of those quizzes in a row to kill a boring afternoon at work you are cluttering up my feed and making my "hide" link itchy.

** Sparkly glitter comments/images are always in poor taste. ALWAYS. Just don't go there.

** MySpace is not getting "too crowded." That forward where they tell you to forward it on to see who is really using their account... yeah not real. So rest easy.

** If you get an email from Ebay asking you to login to verify your information... that is fake.

** The King of Prussia.. yeah he doesn't really need your help on laundering money out of his country.

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